A Song To Sing/Chantons Ensemble, a song by and for Canadians celebrating what it means to be Canadian now available

OTTAWA, Dec. 13—Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada, Bloc-Notes Music Publishing and the Canadian Music Publishers Association are proud to announce that A Song To Sing / Chantons Ensemble, a song by and for Canadians to celebrate Canada is now available to stream.

The song, written by award-winning Canadian musical talents Rob Wells and Shobha in May at a special event in Ottawa called Inside the Song, is a powerful salute to what being Canadian is all about. The song’s lyrics, “Oh, if you have a song to sing, we are listening. A place where many find a home and proudly call this land their own” perfectly sum up what Canada represents – openness, acceptance and generosity of spirit.

The JUNOs and the Canadian Music Publishers Association hosted Inside the Song, a gathering of the Canadian music industry, which went behind the scenes of songwriting and featured the creation of A Song to Sing, inspired by Canadians answering the question, “What does Canada mean to you?” through social media and in-person interviews.
Shobha, who also sings the song in English, said the lyrics came quickly and reflected the experience of her family after her parents migrated from India 37 years ago. “It means a lot to me personally. I got emotional writing this song,” she said.

Wells noted that after hearing input from Canadians and Members of Parliament, the lyrics came easily to Shobha. “It was first thought, best thought. I think we barely went back and changed any of the lyrics.”

Patrick Bouchard and Koraly Lauzon combined their skills to write a French version, Chantons Ensemble, that keeps the same spirit as Shobha’s lyrics. “Patrick and I were very honored to represent French Canadians working on this project,” said Koraly, who also sings the French version.

Bouchard, a Montreal-based songwriter and former member of platinum artist Marie Mai’s band, produces songs for other artists (Sophie Pelletier and Sally Folk and others) and recently worked on two songs for “La Voix” winner Ludovick Bourgeois (“Solo” and “Rêves en pause”). He also created a bilingual song, using Shobha and Koraly’s beautiful voices.

Gary Furniss, president of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, said Inside the Song provided a unique opportunity for Sony/ATV Music Publishing to showcase some of Canada’s finest songwriters in a live ‘behind the scenes’ spotlight on the creation of a song. “It was a privilege for Sony/ATV Music Publishing in partnership with our songwriters to share this very creative and special musical experience with many prominent Members of Parliament in attendance,” he said.

Diane Pinet, president of Bloc-Notes Music Publishing, echoed that sentiment. “This event was a very special opportunity to showcase talented English and French writers from across the country, in order to let Parliamentarians know that music is the signature of our country,” she said.

Canadian Music Publishers Association’s executive director Margaret McGuffin added: “Inside the Song showcased how songwriters play a large role in the creation of the music we hear on the radio and online, in movies and in TV shows and more. Music publishers invest significant time and resources, working with songwriters to get their original creations heard not only in Canada but around the world. The music publishing industry is a vital part of the Canadian economy and cultural sector. We are proud to have been a part of this special song.”

As Canadians reflect on what it means to be Canadian, and head into a new year, A Song to Sing / Chantons Ensemble is a reminder that “we are far and wide, strong and free… we are proud.” Listen to it here in English and French.


For licensing opportunities (other than performance), please contact: Janet Baker at or Mishelle Pack at for A Song to Sing or Caroline James at for Chantons Ensemble.

For media inquiries, please contact: Margaret McGuffin,

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With its wealth of experience in the field of copyright and exceptional knowledge of the music industry, Bloc-Notes Music Publishing is known for its connections in the international market. Bloc-Notes Publishing has topped the Canadian and international charts on many occasions and been awarded “Publisher of the Year” at Félix awards. Its diverse roster of talented songwriters gives the company a colourful image, as it offers a repertoire of musical styles that range from electronic and world music to pop, rock and hip-hop, and beyond. The publishing boutique has signed songs for Céline Dion, Faith Hill, Bobby Bazini, Serena Ryder, VAN, Marie Mai, Sally Folk and many more.

The Canadian Music Publishers Association represents music publishers by creating global business opportunities and we promote our members’ interests and those of their song writing partners through advocacy, communication and education.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., Nov. 16, 2017—Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA) is currently in Los Angeles, Calif., hosting the second of this year’s two-edition CMPA Create initiative in order to strengthen the profile of Canada’s music publishing industry globally.

Returning to where it held a very successful event last year, CMPA Create LA runs from Nov. 12 to 17.  Launched in 2016, CMPA Create is a dual-purpose music publishing export initiative that connects Canadian talent with songwriters in international territories and links music publishers with key business contacts in global markets.

Participating music publishers include: Ali Slaight (Slaight Music), Amy Eligh (Arts & Crafts), Carmel Scurti-Belley (Dare to Care), Chris Robinson (Red Brick Songs), Diane Pinet (Bloc Notes Music Publishing),

Don DePoe (Americana Music), Emily Haffenden (Aporia Records), Glenn McMullen (Sound of Pop), Gord Dimitrieff (Aporia Records), Graham Stairs (Pop Guru), James Campbell (Slaight Music), Jodie Ferneyhough (CCS Rights Management), Jon Landry (Groundswell), Jordan Howard (CCS Rights Management), Patrick Zulinov (Hyvetown), Tim Jones (Pipe & Hat) and Vince Degiorgio (CYMBA Music Publishing).

CMPA Create Los Angeles participating Canadian songwriters include: Christina Rieder (Cordova Bay), Dave Sampson (Groundswell), Ferro Montanino (Pipe & Hat), Hannah Georgas (Peer Music), Nathan Ferraro (Hyvetown), Patrick Bouchard (Bloc Notes Music Publishing) and Taylor Knox (Arts & Crafts).

American writers are also contributing, including: Hal Cragin, Hunnah, Jordan Kyle, Kimi Recor, Kyle Neal, Pat Linehan and Tima Dee.

The revenues of our music publishing members have grown by $120 million in the past twelve years. Export has clearly been a driver of the overall growth in the industry with a recent study showing that two thirds of those revenues are from foreign sources. This represents a complete reversal of the ratio of domestic to foreign sources from what was found in a 2005 industry study, in which 28 per cent of revenue was from foreign sources.

“CMPA Create is helping to showcase Canada’s talented songwriters and successful music publishers to global audiences and allowing participants to make strategic international business connections that can result in Canadian songs and culture being exported abroad. It is an invaluable initiative to grow the Canadian music publishing industry and strengthen creators’ access to international markets, which we will look to expand in the future,” says Margaret McGuffin, Executive Director of the Canadian Music Publishers Association.

This year’s first edition of CMPA Create took place in September when CMPA, along with Canadian songwriters and music publishers, ventured to Berlin and Hamburg for CMPA Create Germany.

The Canadian Music Publishers Association would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada, through the Canada Music Fund, the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles, the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) and the Guild of Music Supervisors for their support of CMPA Create LA.



The Canadian Music Publishers Association represents music publishers by creating global business opportunities and we promote our members’ interests and those of their song writing partners through advocacy, communication and education.


Margaret McGuffin
Executive Director
Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA)
Email:  | Phone: 416.926.1966 ext. 282

Left to right – Redah Haddioui, Kyle Neal, Hal Cragin, Patrick Bouchard (Bloc Notes), Taylor Knox (Arts & Crafts), Kimi Recor, Rykka aka Christina Rieder (Cordova Bay), Nathan Ferraro (Hyvetown), Ferro Montanino (Pipe & Hat), Hannah Georgas (Peer Music), Dave Sampson (Groundswell), Tima Dee, Jordan Kyle. Not pictured Hunnah and Pat Linehan.

By Vince Degiorgio – This was originally published on November 6, 2017 in The Hill Times.

OTTAWA—When Minister Joly published her long awaited Creative Canada policy framework, one part in particular spoke to me and to my fellow music publishers and songwriters: the focus on export.

It’s not unusual for me to walk into a night market in Taipei and hear three songs I wrote in English translated into Mandarin.

But, even if you follow the music scene, you may not have heard of me. That’s because I’m on the songwriter-music publisher side of the business—not a performer.

I’ve had songs recorded by international stars in 11 different languages and sold over 30 million units in innumerable countries. In fact, I worked on a record with Caro Emerald which was number one for eight months in Holland and went platinum plus in the U.K. This all eminated from my travels to export our songs and work.

Owing to imagination, drive and endless travels abroad, my company, Cymba (an acronym for Crushing Your Music Business Apathy), has become one of the most pro-active and creative music publishing entities in Canada, with an unprecedented global reach and a focus on the international market.

While performing artists receive widespread attention for obvious reasons, it’s actually the music publishing industry that continues to be the spine in the body of the music business in this country.

Some say a music publisher is a manager of songs, others say the job of a publisher is to breathe new life into existing songs or to create songs that work in other markets.

As a publisher, I now work with a roster of writers to share my experiences. My colleagues invest in thousands of Canadian songs and songwriters who are heard daily on the radio, on streaming services, in video games and in film and television productions around the world.

With the federal government identifying cultural industries and their innovative export pursuits as key elements in Canada’s modern economy, the work of music publishers is assuming greater importance.

Spearheaded by many small- and medium-sized companies, the sector is growing and expanding its reach, especially when it comes to making sure Canadian songs and songwriters are heard across the world. Music publishers in Canada represent $280 million a year in revenues, with the export share now reaching two thirds of the value.

To highlight these achievements and ensure that federal decision-makers are aware of the issues that are crucial to our continuing success and viability, I and other representatives of the Canadian Music Publishing Association, along with our global counterparts in the International Confederation of Music Publishers, are gathering in Ottawa this week. We will be holding meetings and discussions with cabinet ministers, Members of Parliament and federal government officials.

The federal government has announced investment of $125 million for Canada’s first Creative Export Strategy. We welcome this funding and recommend that a portion of this future trade money be directed to a fund that benefits all music companies, including music publishers who are driving growth with their world-leading export activity.

Our other main concern is Canada’s copyright legislation. We support enhanced protection of creators’ intellectual property and fair compensation for those who help contribute to Canadian cultural content and therefore would like to see a full review of the Copyright Act.

Canada’s current law is out of step with most of our major trading partners.

Besides achieving consistency with international norms, strong copyright protection promotes the underlying purposes of copyright law and provides tangible economic benefits, by increasing the resources available to music publishers to invest in the creation of new Canadian songs and Canadian songwriters.

Improving copyright protection is vital if publishers and the creators they support are to continue to give this country’s unique talent and storytelling prowess the exposure it deserves, both at home and internationally.

The global market offers tremendous possibilities for those with the imagination and commitment to explore and develop the opportunities. Our music publishers have already demonstrated the capacity for vibrant, innovative growth. But looking ahead, we need to build a strong domestic foundation if we are to continue to hear our Canadian songs around the world.


Vince Degiorgio is president of Cymba Music Publishing and Chairman of the board of directors of the Canadian Music Publishers Association.