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Canadian Music Publishers Association statement on INDU Committee’s report on its Copyright Act reviewJun 10 2019

Margaret McGuffin, executive director of the Canadian Music Publishers Association, made the following statement in response to the House of Commons Industry, Science and Technology Committee’s report on its Copyright Act review:

Canada’s music publishers appreciate the time the House of Commons Industry, Science and Technology Committee (INDU) took to review the Copyright Act. The committee’s report, released June 3, however, is disappointing for not recognizing the important contribution that music publishers, large and small, have in the Canadian creative industries.

The report’s recommendations do not support the export-driven sector to remain globally competitive in today’s digital economy. The committee has lost an important and timely opportunity to make strong and effective recommendations that truly modernize the Copyright Act.
In its response to the committee, we urge the government to take into account the Canadian Heritage committee’s report, Shifting Paradigms, which includes several recommendations that address a growing value gap and the need for copyright term extension. Modernizing the Copyright Act is a complex issue that should be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Music publishers represent and invest in thousands of Canadian songwriters and songs that are heard daily on the radio and streaming services, in video games and film and television productions around the world. We look forward to helping Canadians understand copyright reform and working with government to ensure that we continue to hear Canadian songs globally.


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