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Canada’s music publishers welcome USMCA trade agreement’s new provisions for intellectual propertyOct 02 2018

TORONTO, October 2, 2018—Margaret McGuffin, executive director of the Canadian Music Publishers Association, made a statement following the conclusion of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement:

Canada’s music publishers and their songwriting partners welcome the trade agreement reached between the governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico (USMCA). We believe the USMCA deal works in the best interest of all Canadians including the millions of Canadians whose livelihoods depend on a modern legal framework for copyright protection and all of those who enjoy their work.

The Canadian Music Publishers Association congratulates all three governments on the decision to extend the term of copyright in works to the life of the author plus 70 years, consistent with international standards. Canada’s current term, life plus 50 years, limits the revenue available to music publishers and other domestic rightsholders to finance the discovery and development of Canadian talent.

We are pleased to see the new agreement preserves cultural exemptions to trade, as it is an essential means to maintaining our cultural identity and sovereignty.

While these issues may only seem of interest to technical experts or lawyers, they establish the basis for which the creative industries, and the music publishing sector specifically, can continue to contribute to Canada’s economic and export success. For this, we commend Canada’s government.




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Executive Director, Canadian Music Publishers Association

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