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“How the federal government can unlock the enormous potential of Canada’s creative industries”: MPC CEO Margaret McGuffin in The Hill TimesOct 18 2021

In this op-ed for The Hill Times, Music Publishers Canada’s CEO, Margaret McGuffin proposes that Canada develop a co-ordinated national action plan to ensure the creative sector’s continued growth.

 With the right policy levers and the support of the next federal government, our music, book, magazine, screen-based media, interactive media, broadcasting, performing arts, and digital sectors can not only thrive, they can reach new heights on the global stage. 

Prior to the pandemic, our creative industries collectively accounted for $53.1-billion and three per cent of GDP and directly employed more than 666,500 Canadians, with countless spinoff jobs that significantly contributed to the economy.

For these sectors to be propelled into a globally competitive force in the economic recovery, policymakers must tackle the systemic barriers holding them back from reaching their full potential. 

They must face issues related to taxation, innovative business models, workforce skills and labour, diversifying exports, and ensuring opportunities for systematically underrepresented voices, including those of women, Indigenous, and racialized groups .

Published in The Hill Times on September 22, 2021: