Jim Griffin Keynote: Digital Media Summit 2005Jun 06 2005

(Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Jim Griffin and are not necessarily those of CMPA or its members.)

The reason I’m here today is because it has become voluntary to pay for music. Now, I’m not going to defend the proposition that it is or should be legally voluntary to pay for music; that’s for other people to discuss, the lawyers and judges and people like that. Legally, I’m not saying it’s voluntary.

And I’m not here to tell you that morally it should be voluntary to pay for music. I work with songwriters; I’m not sure that it should be voluntary. But I’m here because it IS voluntary to pay for music. Technology has overrun the forces that we are responsible for and it has made paying for music a choice. And if that’s not true for everyone in this room, it’s true for our prime demographic, those people who like to buy our music. They make a choice as to whether or not to purchase music, they could get it other ways.

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