Music Publishers Canada and the Association of Independent Music Publishers Hold Successful U.S. – Canada Virtual Song CampNov 19 2020

In an exciting new partnership, Music Publishers Canada and the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of their first-ever joint virtual songwriting camp over November 17-20, 2020. 

In light of the ongoing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual songwriting camp is a testament to the innovation & adaptability of songwriters and music publishers, who are finding new ways to forge creative and business relationships virtually in a global marketplace. 

The virtual songwriting camp, called Create 49 from the 49th, featured a total of 53 international and U.S. participants and 29 Canadian participants across 46 virtual writing rooms. 

Full participants include:

Alex Winston (one77 Music)

Alexa Dirks (Begonia) (Warner Chappell Music Canada) *

Alexander Cardinale  (Atlantic Records)  

Alx Veliz (Disney Music Publishing)

Ana Yanaz (Sony ATV)

Anna Hamilton (Songs by Bird)

Ayo Awoskia (Songs Alive)

Ben Antellis (Self-Published)

Breagh Isabel *

Brett Truitt (Prescription Songs)

Brian West (Sony/ATV Canada) *

Brooke Eden (Broken Bow Records – Reservoir Media) 

Carter Matschullat (Atlas)

CARYS (Atlantic Records / Warner Music Canada – CCS Rights Management) *

Cass Dillon (AAM)

Chloe Kirson-Jones (Popguru Sound & Vision Ltd.) *

Chris Seefried (Princess Lola Music)

Claire Douglas (Riser House)

Danny Ross (Rough Trade Publishing)

Dave Sampson (Sonic Publishing (Quay Entertainment Services) *

Delaney Jane (AWAL Recordings/Hyvetown Music) *

Dennis Ellsworth (Cymba Music Publishing) *

DNMO (Prescription Songs)

Dylan Dunlap (Nettwerk Music Group)  

Ethan Mentzer (PEN Music) 

Etienne Dupuis-Cloutier (Bloc Notes Music Publishing) * 

Emlyn (Atlas)

Erik Alcock (Universal Music Publishing Canada) *

Evan Coffman (Angry Mob)

Fred Well (MADE Management)

GG Stok (Creative Titans)

Griffin Oskar (Prescription Songs)

GUS (Cadence Recordings / Cadence Music Group) *

HEAVY (Arcade Songs)

High Valley (Brad Rempel) (Warner Music Nashville/WEA- Warner Chappell Music Canada) *

Jacob Lee (PEN Music)

James Shelley (American Authors) (Round Hill Music)

JC Losada (JC Losada Songs)

Jex (Eddie O Ent/Casablanca/Republic Records – Ultra Music Publishing)

Jillea (Universal Canada) *

Jocelyn Alice (Primary Wave) *  

Joey Verskotzi (Angry Mob)

Jon Bryant (Nettwerk Music Group – Nettwerk Publishing) *

Jordan Klassen (Arts & Crafts Music) *

Josh Ronen (Demolition Music/Arts & Crafts)

Justin Davey (Self-Published)

Kipp Williams (Prescription Songs)

Lauren Zettler (Savoir Adore) (Reservoir Media)

Leo The Kind (Lava Records)

LIIV (UMPG/This Is Noise)

Mathias Wang (MADE Management)

Matt Angus (Fast Romantics) (Red Brick Songs) *

Maylyn (Purplebeat)

Melissa McClelland (Whitehorse)  (Peer Music) * 

Michael Poleman (Vintern Songs, a partner of eOne Music Publishing)

Miette Hope (MAX Management)

Mikey Wax (PEN Music Group, Inc.)

Nathan Ferraro (Hyvetown Music)

Norma Jean Martine (eOne Records/BMG Music Publishing)   

Pam Sheyne (PEN Music Group, Inc.) 

Patricia Conroy (Slaight Music) *

Paul Hammer (Savoir Adore) (Reservoir Media)

Rascal Flatts (Joe Don Rooney) (Big Machine Records – Reservoir Media)

Rob Wells & Shobha (Sony ATV/Music Publishing Canada) *

Robert Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion)  (Reservoir Media)

Ruben Young

Rune Westburg (Angry Mob)

Sad Alex (Red Bull Records – Red Bull Music Publishing)    

Sam Barsh (PEN Music)

Scott Stepakoff (SMACK Songs)

Serena Ryder (Serenader/ Arthaus Music) *

Shawn Hook (Ultra Records/Round Hill Music Publishing) *

Simen Thunes Hope (MADE Management)

Sophie Hintze (BMG)

Steve Kroeger (Prodigy Music Group) *

Tatiana Zagorac (Talltale) (Cymba Music Publishing) *

Thom D’Arcy (Arts & Crafts Music) *

Tom Probizanski (Zanski) (Red Brick Songs) *

TOMI (Kobalt)

VÉRITÉ  (AWAL Recordings/Kobalt Music Publishing)

Zaki Ibrahim (Six Shooter Records) *

Zoe Moss (She’s No Good Music Publishing)


“Building creative and business relationships is an important part of what makes Canadian music publishing a global success story. This partnership with AIMP publishers and songwriters has allowed us to continue to play a role in forging new creative and business relationships in a new virtual format” says Margaret McGuffin, Executive Director of Music Publishers Canada.

As shown in the MPC “Export Ready, Export Critical” study, export is driving growth for Canadian music publishers and is increasingly necessary in order to remain competitive in the international industry and to make sure Canadian songs are heard around the world.  

“Thanks to Music Publishers Canada for working with us at the AIMP to put on an informative, productive, and most of all safe songwriting camp,” said John Ozier, President of the AIMP Nashville Chapter. “The more the independent songwriting and publishing communities can come together across borders, whether online or in person, the better we will all be.”

“I couldn’t be happier with how this songwriting camp turned out, and want to thank everyone who participated and of course Music Publishers Canada and my colleagues at the AIMP,” said Sharon Tapper, an AIMP New York Chapter Board member and Co-Founder of NYC3. “The idea for a virtual writing camp was thought of back in March when the reality of pandemic lockdown first became part of our daily existence. In late June, NYC3 Songs took place with each virtual writing room curated to contain at least one NY-based creative. It was the success of that original camp that led to Margaret McGuffin of MPC and Alisa Coleman of the AIMP to ask us to create a similar camp, but this time with one or more Canadians within each virtual writing room. I’m thrilled we were all able to join forces to showcase Canadian and U.S. creative talent working together during these challenging times.”

Music Publishers Canada acknowledges the support of FACTOR and the Government of Canada. 

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