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Music Publishers Canada joins music industry stakeholders in CRTC Commercial Radio Policy reviewMay 03 2021

On March 29, stakeholders from across Canada’s music industry filed their submissions with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in response to its Commercial Radio Policy Framework Review. This is the first CRTC Radio Review since 2006.

The Radio Review is critically important to the well-being of Canada’s entire music ecosystem. In spite of the many ways that music listening and creation have changed since the last review 15 years ago, radio continues to play an important role in the development and careers of Canadian artists and the companies that invest in them. Canadian content rules for traditional broadcasting and funding requirements continue to be essential to the health of Canada’s music economy.

After months of sharing and collaborating, the music industry organizations listed below developed and filed their respective submissions with the CRTC. Thank you to each of you who provided your thoughts and input throughout this process. Submissions from all intervenors, including broadcasting organizations, can be found here.

A joint submission filed by Music Publishers Canada, ADVANCE, CIMA, CCMIA, Indigenous Music Alliance, MMF Canada and SAC can be found here.

While the specific proposals of the collaborating music industry organizations vary on some technical details, they all aim to accomplish the following:

  • To modernize the MAPL formula to better reflect how Canadians make music today and ensure that MAPL adequately captures all Canadian voices and supports Canadian creative talent and livelihoods in the industry. Modernization will not only better support Canadian artists and the talent who create today’s music — it will create a broader pool of music for broadcasters to meet their Canadian content thresholds, making radio more relevant to what Canadians want to hear.
  • To ensure that new and emerging Canadian artists are heard on commercial radio stations by creating effective “play requirements.” Expanding opportunities for new generations of talent is critical to maintaining a dynamic and thriving music industry and commercial radio sector.
  • To create real access to Canada’s commercial radio airwaves for historically underrepresented voices from sovereignty-affirming and equity-deserving groups. Those voices are integral to our history and culture – and they should be heard and celebrated from coast to coast to coast.
  • To ensure the continuance of funding structures like the Canadian Content Development fund (CCD), which are integral to the creation of Canadian music, and the expansion of federal funding for the Unison Benevolent Fund.

Ultimately, playing great Canadian music — made by diverse creators — is not a burden on commercial radio. It is an opportunity — for all of us to discover and lift-up Canadian voices.

The entire music industry can proudly point to each of our submissions, which demonstrate our common goal: ensuring that all Canadian artists and those who work with them are given real opportunities to be elevated, supported and celebrated.

Replies by intervenors in these proceedings were submitted on April 28. We encourage you to read the submissions filed with the CRTC and show your support for Canada’s artists, songwriters and the businesses who support them in the Radio Review. If you have questions about these submissions, please reach out to any of us.


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