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Create, promote, protect: Growth and global competitiveness for Canadian music publishersAug 06 2019

Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2020 Budget

Canada’s creators and the companies that invest in their success are second to none. At the Canadian Music Publishers Association, we represent both publishers who are the Canadian offices of multinational companies and others who are entirely independent small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Canadian-owned. Our 50-plus member publishing companies fulfill many roles: they manage songs, breathe new life into existing songs, invest in the creation of new songs that work in different markets and, they’re a critical part of the music industry’s success.  

But first and foremost, these professional music publishers are the “first business partners” of songwriters, lyricists and composers. Publishers represent and invest in thousands of Canadian songs and songwriters who are heard daily on the radio, on streaming services, in video games and in film, television and other screenbased productions around the world. Our companies embrace changes in technology and adapt to these changes quickly. Besides helping songwriters develop and promote their works, publishers ensure that all money owed for use of those songs is paid. 

Essentially, by investing in songwriters, music publishers help create, promote and protect the value in Canadian songs. 

We’re pleased to participate in the Budget 2020 process to highlight the important issues that need to be addressed relevant to SMEs and the creative industries, in particular the Canadian music publishing sector.

Please see our full PBS submission here.