Canadian Rights Licensing & Royalty Entities

CONNECT Music Licensing

Formerly AVLA, CONNECT Music Licensing administers licences in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings, and the reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of the copyright owners (usually the record companies).

Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd.

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) is a music licensing collective representing music rightsholders from large multinational music publishers to individual songwriters. Together, they own or administer the vast majority of songs recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers.

Society for Reproduction Rights of authors, composers, and music publishers in Canada (SODRAC)

In the name of its members, SODRAC negotiates collective and individual agreements with users of their works, collects royalties and redistributes them to the rights holders it represents. It therefore controls all reproduction of its members’ works on any type of audio, audiovisual, visual or digital media, as well as the use of recordings on these media.

Quebec Collective Society for the Rights of Makers of Sound and Video Recordings

The Quebec Collective Society for the Rights of Makers of Sound and Video Recordings (SOPROQ) is a non-profit organization that exists to administer maker’s royalties. Its mission is to ensure that the makers of sound and video recordings benefit fully from certain rights to which they are entitled: reproduction right, equitable remuneration right and the right arising from the private copying regime.


Re:Sound is a Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights.


The Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS) is a division of ACTRA that collects and distributes equitable remuneration (neighbouring rights and private copying) to eligible recording artists.

The Canadian Private Copying Collective

The Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) is an umbrella organization whose member collectives represent songwriters, recording artists, music publishers and record companies.  The CPCC is the non-profit organization responsible for collecting and distributing private copying levies on behalf of its member collectives.

Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada

The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC) is a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit organization whose primary objective is to collect and distribute royalties to musicians and vocalists. MROC distributes the performer’s share of neighbouring rights and private copying royalties. These royalties primarily flow from the broadcast and public performance of sound recordings and are based on tariffs approved by the Copyright Board of Canada. MROC represents more than 6500 musicians, from session players to featured artists, recording across the full range of genres.


Founded by Union des artistes in 1997, Artisti is a collecting society that represents close to 4,000 performers.

The society’s mission is to manage and distribute royalties earned by performers including neighbouring rights as defined in the Copyright Act:
  • Equitable remuneration (broadcast of sound recordings);
  • Private copying (copies of music for the personal use of the person who makes the copies).
  • Reproduction right (incidental or accessory)