Women in the Studio National Accelerator Program

About the Program:

According to a recent study, women held only 2% of all producing positions across the 2020 Billboard Hot 100 songs. The same study found that the ratio of men to underrepresented women in producing was 180 to 1, and that women earned only 33 producing credits in six years (with only 9 going to women of colour).

Music Publishers Canada is committed to helping right this imbalance. Women in the Studio is a national accelerator now in its third year  that offers a series of curated production-related opportunities and networking experiences to women-identifying producer-songwriters from across the country.

Women in the Studio National Accelerator Program Goals:

  • Provide access to industry mentors
  • Curate bi-monthly virtual sessions with guests from various sectors of the industry
  • Share tips & tools for building and developing a professional profile
  • Facilitate hands-on technical workshops and entrepreneurial training sessions
  • Offer networking opportunities to broader their contact base of collaborators, potential employers & business partners
  • Build community by creating a national network of women-identifying producers, including program alumnae
  • Encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and learning
  • Develop entrepreneurial business and soft skills
  • Encourage community participation through volunteer activity.

Meet our 2021 participants

Meet our talented alumni